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Kimberly Smiles has built an exceptional team around Dr. Paul Anast who offer the best in veneers.  Our modern yet comfortable atmosphere is just what our customers are looking for when they go to the dentist.  Kimberly Smiles takes pride in the calming and inviting environment they have created for customers coming in for porcelain veneers.  We know that going to the dentist can be unnerving so we’ve done our best to offer the latest in technology and supplies in a relaxed setting.  Kimberly Smiles offers veneers that are custom made of durable high quality material that cover your teeth to give you the color and appearance you’ve been looking for.  Our Wicker Park clients know they are getting the greatest service.  Don’t miss out on the experience Wicker Park customers are talking about and let Kimberly Smiles be your last stop!

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Kimberly Smiles loves being a part of the Wicker Park community and making sure the residents are taken care of for all their dental veneers needs.  Wicker Park customers know they can get reliable service and quick appointments when they reach out to Kimberly Smiles.  Wicker Park is a small west community of Chicago with around 26,000 residents.  Surely these residents are in need of a dentist and looking for Veneers.  Wicker Park offers a distinct culture with shopping, food, nightlife and art.  These attractions continually grow the population of Wicker Park and these new residents will be reaching out to Kimberly Smiles for our help!  Kimberly Smiles is a trusted neighbor of Wicker Park when porcelain veneers are needed.

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Kimberly Smiles wants to make sure we are there for our Wicker Park customers when they need us.  To ensure we are always available we open early and close late and also offer Saturday appointments!  Kimberly Smiles wants it to be easy to schedule an appointment.  We give our customers same day service options to avoid any unnecessary commuting to and from our office.  Our dentists are highly trained in veneers and will listen to all your concerns and requests.  Kimberly Smiles is always upfront with complete costs and time frames around procedures.  Wicker Park customers love coming back to Kimberly Smiles because we are friendly, fun dentists who care about our clients comfort.  Call us now at (773) 733-4716 and schedule your veneers appointment, you won’t be disappointed!

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