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Wicker Park Dentist

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Kimberly Smiles dental office is designed specifically for our client’s needs and you can feel the comfort of our office as soon as you walk in. Our dentist Dr. Paul Anast and his team have worked hard to create an environment that is modern, yet inviting for all of our patients. That’s is why Kimberly Smiles dentist clinic is recognized for its soothing and warm space. Our general dentistry is top notch here at Kimberly Smiles and we go all-out to make sure it is as convenient as possible for you, so you can take care of your beautiful smile. We also have the most state of the art supplies and technology to make sure this happens. Kimberly Smiles has the dental office that can suit all of your dental needs, from general dentistry and beyond. Wicker Park understands that we have the best dentist office in the state and that is why they recommend us to their family and friends!

Wicker Park Dentist Office

Wicker Park is known for its hipster culture, nightlife, food and art, which is found in the West Town community of Chicago. Over 26,000 individuals call Wicker Park their home and it also means that many people will be looking for a good quality dentist. Kimberly Smiles provides the greatest dentist office around so the residents of Wicker Park can have a safe and modern place for their general dentistry. Our dentist office here at Kimberly Smiles is well known throughout Wicker Park due to our calming environment and professional dentist staff. With the Wicker Park population on the rise, several people living in Wicker Park will look for our help from dental clinic on a regular basis. Many of the Wicker Park residents will contact Kimberly Smiles to set up an appointment with our very skilled dentist and because they love our office. Wicker Park looks to us because we are number one in the general dentistry field and we love what we do!

Wicker Park Dental Office

Our dentist office makes it very convenient for our patients to schedule appointments with our dentist. That is because we are open very early and throughout the evening and even on Saturdays! Kimberly Smiles objective is to offer our patients the option of same day general dentistry, so you do not have to come back for several visits. Our dental clinic highly skilled team at Kimberly Smiles takes their time to listen to their client’s dental needs. Also, they will make sure they develop a dental plan that fits all of your general dentistry requests. Kimberly Smiles dental office is here to take care of your healthy smile, so go ahead and give us a call as soon as you can. Here is the number to dial for the best dentist in town: (773) 773-4716.  Don’t hesitate to call the greatest dentist office in the state today!

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