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Kimberly Smiles believes that quality dental care doesn’t just happen it is a result of focused direction, genuine intentions and meticulous effort. That’s why we have our extremely trained professional team that uses only the most modern and advanced technology, equipment and material for our client’s dental implant needs. Kimberly Smiles is recognized for our uplifting, and inviting atmosphere that is designed to create a calming experience for our customers. Our team at Kimberly Smiles is dedicated in providing our clients with only the finest in dental implants by using the most state of art technology and equipment to do so. Our accomplished team can turn your smile into a beautiful one again with our dental implants, which look like natural teeth. Improved speech, better-quality comfort, good oral health, durability and the ability to eat your favorite foods are just a few advantages of having dental implants from Kimberly Smiles. We will sit down with you to discuss all your dental implant options, so we can help you make the best decision regarding your dental implants. Our clients from Wicker Park like to return for their dental needs because they have been very satisfied with their dental implants.

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At Kimberly Smiles we supply our dental implant clients from Wicker Park with the utmost natural looking dental implants because that’s our top priority! Wicker Park has about 26,000 residents and it located in the West Town community of Chicago. The Wicker brothers bought over 80 acres of land so they could construct a drainage system and build streets. What they also did was donate 4 acres to the city as a Chicago public park. Wicker Park is known for its hipster culture, nightlife, food and art. With the population increasing in Wicker Park many of the residents will be in need of dental implants and will call the specialists at Kimberley Smiles. They will reach out to us because we are trusted and because we have the most natural looking dental implants in town.

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Kimberly Smiles greatly trained team will sit down with you and talk over the best options for your dental implants. This will allow you to have a very tranquil and relaxed experience, making you feel right at home. Our number one goal is to make sure you are ready for a change and know that you are in good hands at Kimberley Smiles. We will make sure your dental implants are precisely what you have been looking for, all the while being comfortable. Dental implants have the same reliable foundation as natural tooth roots and with placed dental implants you will not have to feel distress while chewing, speaking or eating any longer. Our dental implants look just like normal teeth and can completely change your smile, outlook and self-assurance. Kimberly Smiles is totally devoted in making sure your smile is exactly what you expect it to be. So go right ahead and pick up your phone to dial us at Kimberly Smiles: (773) 773-4716. We will talk to you very soon!

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