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Logan Square Braces


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Kimberly Smiles has a highly skilled dental team that uses only the most advanced machinery, tools and material for our client’s braces. Here at Kimberly Smiles we go above and beyond and set meetings with each client so we can go over all their braces prices and choices. Fast braces are one of the choices and can straighten your smile 2 to 3 times faster than tradition braces or even Invisalign! Teeth are crooked because they didn’t erupt properly and came in titled, sideways, overlapping or spaced apart and as a result they are not upright and Kimberly Smiles can fix them for you!  With the braces technology the high performance bracket system will upright the roots of the teeth with just one square wire. Kimberly Smiles calming atmosphere is ideal for the situation and can relax you during the process. That’s why our clients from Logan Square like to come to our office because they love feeling very relaxed and in good hands with Kimberly Smiles!

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Kimberly Smiles provides top-quality braces to the residents of Logan Square because they look and feel more natural. With the ever growing population of Logan Square the many residents call upon Kimberley Smiles because of our years of knowledge and expertise in the dental braces field. The Logan Square community area is one of the 77th city-designed community areas established for planning purposes. It is centered on the public square that serves as its namesake. Logan Square community is historical and is on the northwest side of the City of Chicago. The Logan Square residents call us at Kimberly Smiles because they know we have the most competitive braces cost and our professionals are the best around!

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Kimberly Smiles will make sure your teeth braces look and feel exactly how you pictured them and once they come off your smile will be gorgeous! Kimberly Smiles vastly trained team will explain your braces price, how they will look and feel in your mouth, so you can be prepared. This will allow you to have an easier and stress-free visit. Our goal is to prepare you for your upcoming change in your smile and answer any question you may have about your teeth braces. Kimberly Smiles is dependable and ready to take care of all your braces needs. Call to get your smile back with your braces: (773) 773-4716! Go ahead and give us a ring, we are waiting!

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