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Humboldt Park Invisalign

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Kimberly Smiles delivers the most advanced Invisalign braces in the Chicago Area! Invisalign braces are a set of custom sized fitted aligners that help make your teeth straight. All without having to wear any metal wires. To start the Invisalign process you will first meet with the dentist to see if you’re are a candidate. At that time, we will take a model of your teeth and then we will construct a custom treatment plan just for you! Kimberly Smiles has equipment that can show you a visual image of what your teeth would look like when using our Invisalign braces. We will be certain that you fully understand the Invisalign cost, so there is no confusion. The Invisalign process works at Kimberly Smiles by having the clear braces shift your teeth into the correct position about every two weeks. Kimberly Smiles has a team of trained experts that uses modern technology and equipment to their advantage for your Invisalign braces. The amount of time and the number of aligners that you will have depends on the treatment plan. Our clients from Humboldt Park have confidence in our Invisalign braces and are always content with our Invisalign cost as well.

Humboldt Park Invisalign Cost

Kimberly Smiles only provides the highest quality to our customers from Humboldt Park. Humboldt Park has about 56,000 residents. Humboldt Park is located on the west side of Chicago, Illinois. Over the years Humboldt Park has changed into a more lively social and ethnic demographic. The Puerto Rican community has become strong in Humboldt Park since 1970. Humboldt Park is known for its 207 acre park adjacent to the community area. With the population growing in Humboldt Park, a number of people will be in need of our Invisalign braces and know who to call, Kimberly Smiles! We have said over the years that our clear braces are #1 in this industry and that our team is very cautious, well-mannered and educated when it comes to Invisalign.

Humboldt Park Invisalign Price

Kimberly Smiles will make sure that your clear braces are designed just the way you like them! Our goal is after the Invisalign treatment is done you will be 100% content with the results! Here at Kimberly Smiles we want to help you in any way we can and we do that by giving you the smile you have always wanted with Invisalign. Choosing Invisalign offers a beneficial alternative to the standard metal braces, which helps cut down on tooth decay and plaque. Kimberly Smiles is always ready to take care of all your Invisalign needs and Invisalign cost. We are a team devoted to providing you with an enjoyable dental experience. We strive to give you the care you need with Invisalign! Here is the number to call for clear braces: (773) 773-4716! We are waiting to change your smile today!

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