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If you are experiencing tooth pain and think you may need a root canal, then search no more! Kimberly Smiles has a professional root canal dentist that helps many people in the Chicago area. Here are some reasons why a root canal may need to be done, infection, injury or swelling of the tooth and sensitivity to temperature or pain in the tooth and gums. If you are experiencing any type of those symptoms listed, then Kimberly Smiles has a root canal dentist that can help. Likewise, if you have an abscess, deep decay, trauma, or fracture and repeated dental procedures then a root canal will probably have to be performed soon. Patients from Wicker Park reach out to us when they need an emergency root canal because we have a root canal dentist that they can count on!

Wicker Park Root Canals

When the residents from Wicker Park are suffering from any type of tooth pain our root canal dentist can perform an emergency root canal if it’s needed. Here at Kimberly Smiles we make sure that you are receiving the proper care for your tooth pain. There are 26,000 people in Wicker Park and is located in the West Town community of Chicago. A fun fact about Wicker Park is that it is known for its hipster culture, nightlife, food and art. Therefore, with the stable rising population of Wicker Park many of the residents will call Kimberly Smiles for our root canal dentist when they are having tooth pain and need some relief.

Wicker Park Endodontist

If you have been searching for a trustworthy endodontist or root canal dentist then no need to search anymore! After your root canal is done your pain will subside but your tooth may feel sensitive for the first few days after. With that being said avoid chewing on the root canal side until you have full feeling back and this will help with any discomfort. We know that having a root canal can safe a patient’s tooth forever. With more than a 95% success rate the root canal process is very successful! If you have questions about the root canal procedure, give us a call at Kimberly Smiles so we can answer them. Here is the number to dial (773) 773-4716. We’ll talk to you soon!

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