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Kimberly Smiles provides the greatest in Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign clear braces are a pair of custom sized invisible braces that are made to straighten your teeth without having to use the standard wire braces. To start the process you’ll meet with a dentist for an Invisalign consultation. Then we will take the model of your teeth to confirm if you are a valid candidate for Invisalign. After this, we will make a custom treatment plan just for you that shows the step-by-step Invisalign process. We will make sure that you fully understand the full Invisalign cost so that there are no confusions. Kimberly Smiles technology will show you a visual image of what your teeth can look like when using Invisalign. The Invisalign process works at Kimberly Smiles by having the aligners move your teeth into the correct position about every two weeks. The amount of time and the number of aligners that you will have to use depends on your treatment plan. Kimberly Smiles has a veteran team of trained specialists that uses advanced technology and equipment to their advantage for your Invisalign clear braces. Our customers from Wicker Park have certainty in our Invisalign process and are always content with our Invisalign cost.

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When it comes to clear braces Kimberly Smiles only gives the best to our customers from Wicker Park. Wicker Park has about 26,000 residents and it located in the West Town community of Chicago. Wicker Park is known for its hipster culture, nightlife, food and art. The Wicker brothers bought over 80 acres of land so they could construct a drainage system and build streets. With the population growing in Wicker Park, a lot of people will be in need of Invisalign and will call Kimberley Smiles Invisalign services and to ask about our Invisalign prices. We have stated over the years that our clear braces are #1 in the industry and that our team is very calm, caring and well-trained when it comes to the Invisalign process.

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Kimberly Smiles will ensure that your clear braces are designed just the way you like them, so that when your Invisalign treatment is completely done you will be 100% satisfied with the results! Kimberly Smiles has a highly trained team of professionals that will explain what your clear braces will feel like and how to take care of them the right way. Choosing Invisalign offers a beneficial alternative to the standard metal braces, which helps decrease your chances of getting any tooth decay and plaque buildup. Kimberly Smiles wants to help you the best we can in achieving the straight teeth that you have wanted for so long with Invisalign. Kimberly Smiles is prepared to take care of all your Invisalign questions and give you our Invisalign cost. We are a team dedicated to help you achieve an enjoyable dental experience and it is our main goal to give you the highest quality care with Invisalign! Pick up your phone and give us a ring at: (773) 773-4716!  Can’t wait to see you and your beautiful smile soon!

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