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Kimberly Smiles is known for our calming, and inviting atmosphere that is intended to create an experience that is very relaxing.  Kimberly Smiles appreciates quality dental care and we know that it takes dedication and authentic intentions when it comes to braces. That’s why we have our much trained team that uses the most modern and progressive technology, equipment and material for our client’s braces. Fast braces can straighten your smile 2 to 3 times faster than tradition braces and in many cases is the favored technique, even when compared to Invisalign. Kimberly Smiles sits down with each client individually and goes over all your teeth braces choices, so we can help you make the best decision concerning your preferences. The residents from Wicker Park have faith in our braces cost and they recommend us to others time and time again!

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At Kimberly Smiles we supply our dental braces clients from Wicker Park with braces that make their teeth look wonderful because that’s our top priority! Wicker Park has about 26,000 residents and it located in the West Town community of Chicago. Wicker Park is known for its hipster culture, nightlife, food and art. The Wicker brothers bought over 80 acres of land so they could construct a drainage system and build streets. What they also did was donate 4 acres to the city as a Chicago public park. With the population increasing in Wicker Park many of the residents will be in need of braces and will call upon Kimberley Smiles for help. They reach out to us because we are trusted and because we have the most talented braces technicians around.

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We will make sure your braces are just what you’ve wanted, all the while being comfortable. Kimberly Smiles has a significantly trained team that will sit down with you and explain what your braces cost will be and how they will look and feel. This will allow you to have a tranquil and stress-free experience, making you feel right at home. Our top goal is to make sure you are prepared for a drastic but positive change in your smile after your braces. Kimberly Smiles is completely dedicated in making sure your dental braces are what you wanted. So please don’t hesitate any longer and get the smile you have wanted for so long at Kimberly Smiles! Here is the following number to call to get the smile you want: (773) 773-4716!

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