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If you are experiencing dental pain and are in need of a same day dentist, then contact Kimberly Smiles for fast relief! Kimberly Smiles is an emergency dentist and a pain dentist. We handle all aspects of dental emergencies. We will make sure you get the proper care promptly. Furthermore, Kimberly Smiles has a relaxing and calming atmosphere within our office. We also have an emergency dentist that is available for any dental emergency and is ready to help you with dental pain relief immediately. If you are having any type of dental pain and are on the lookout for a same day dentist then, Kimberly Smiles is here for you! Kimberly Smiles can fix any kind of dental emergency you are dealing with, for example a knocked-out tooth, chipped tooth, a crown or soft tissue injury are just a few. When the people from Logan Square need a same day dentist to relieve their dental pain, they known exactly who to call, Kimberly Smiles!

Logan Square Same Day Dentist

The population of Logan Square is continually growing and many of the residents contact Kimberly Smiles due to years of familiarity with dental emergencies. The Logan Square public area is one of the 77th city-designed communities recognized for planning purposes. Logan Square is placed on the public square that serves as its namesake. The Logan Square community is very historical and is located on the northwest side of the city of Chicago. With our same day dentist available for the Logan Square residents we make sure they acquire the care they need when it comes to their dental pain. The people of Logan Square come to us at Kimberly Smiles when they have a dental emergency and need our help!

Logan Square Pain Dentist

Our top priority is to help reduce your dental pain as soon as possible by getting you in to see our same day dentist right away. Kimberly Smiles is here to take care of your dental emergencies promptly. Our knowledgeable emergency dentist is much practiced and can take care of you making sure your dental pain is at ease. So if you’re having any kind of dental pain or have any kind of dental emergency, call us today to see our pain dentist. Call Kimberly Smiles you’re your dental pain is just not going away because we have a same day dentist ready to help you. If you need to see our pain dentist give this number a call now: (773) 773-4716. Kimberly Smiles is available to take away your dental pain and fix any dental emergency!


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