Laser Dentistry

Dentist in Wicker Park, IL

At Kimberly Smiles, we utilize a laser that can be used in several dental procedures. Symmetrical, proportional gums are essential components in a confident smile. If your gums are uneven, too short or too prominent, we offer a variety of periodontal cosmetic procedures that can give you a balanced smile.

Crown lengthening can be used for aesthetic or functional purposes. For patients with a “gummy” smile, crown lengthening can reveal more of the tooth by recontouring or reshaping the gums.

In some instances, the tooth may be broken near the gum line, but may require a restoration. In this case, Dr. Anast may recommend crown lengthening to reveal more of the tooth allowing for secure placement of the restoration.

Changing the appearance of your gums can cosmetically enhance your smile. Non-surgical periodontal treatment can make replacement teeth look more natural and improve the appearance of your teeth. For more information, please contact us.