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If you are in need of a good root canal dentist, then you have found the place to contact! Kimberly Smiles has an accomplished root canal dentist that serves several people throughout Chicago. Some reasons why a root canal may need to be performed are, infection, injury or swelling of the tooth and sensitivity to temperature or pain in the tooth and gums. If you suffer from any of these symptoms then Kimberly Smiles has a root canal dentist just for you. Also if you have an abscess, deep decay, trauma, or fracture then a root canal is the next step. That’s why our patients from Humboldt Park contact us when they require an emergency root canal because we have a root canal dentist that can help!

Humboldt Park Root Canals

When the residents from Humboldt Park have tooth pain and need an emergency root canal Kimberly Smiles is here to help them. We will make sure you get the proper care for your tooth pain quickly by giving you a root canal. Humboldt Park, Illinois is located on the west side of Chicago and many call it their home. The residents of Logan Square reach out to us because we have a root canal dentist that they can go to when in pain. They also know that we will do our best to make them comfortable during their root canal.

Humboldt Park Endodontist

If you have been searching for a good endodontist or root canal dentist then call Kimberly Smiles! After your root canal is over your pain will subside but your tooth may feel sensitive for a few days after your root canal procedure. If you prevent chewing on the root canal side until you have full feeling back then that will help with uneasiness. Further, root canal therapy can preserve a patient’s tooth for their lifetime. With more than a 95% success rate the root canal process is very effective! If you are wondering how a root canal procedure is performed then give us a call at Kimberly Smiles and we can answer all of your questions. Here is the number to dial (773) 773-4716!

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