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If you are in need of some instant pain relief due to dental pain and looking for a same day dentist, then you found the right place at Kimberly Smiles! We have an emergency dentist and a pain dentist on standby waiting for your call. Especially if your dental emergency is from a painful injury, like a cracked tooth, knocked out tooth or gum injury. Moreover, Kimberly Smiles has an office space that suits our clients because it’s very comforting and has a warm designed for their comfort. Here at Kimberly Smiles our emergency dentist is committed to providing you with the greatest in dental emergency care. What is more, we have the technology and equipment that is current. If you are having a dental emergency from having a knocked-out tooth, chipped tooth, lost a crown or soft tissue injury, Kimberly Smiles has a pain dentist to take care of you. Humboldt Park comes to us for all their dental emergencies because we have a same day dentist that is ready to take their dental pain away!

Humboldt Park Same Day Dentist

When the residents from Humboldt Park have dental pain and need a same day dentist appointment Kimberly Smiles is here to take it away. We will make sure you get the proper care for your dental pain quickly. Humboldt Park, Illinois is located on the west side of Chicago. Over the years Humboldt Park has changed into a more social and ethic demographic. Since 1970, the Puerto Rican community has become strong in Humboldt Park. With the growing population of Humboldt Park many will reach out to Kimberly Smiles! They call us due to our same day dentist because if they are having a dental emergency and need a pain dentist we are here for them. Humboldt Park trusts in our dental care services and contacts us when they need an emergency dentist.

Humboldt Park Pain Dentist

One of Kimberly Smiles goals are to make sure our clients are not in dental pain from a dental emergency. Our pain dentist is available to take your dental pain away as soon as possible, so you can be yourself again. Kimberly Smiles has a same day dentist that will make sure you are content and relaxed while they are fixing your dental emergency. Please do not disregard your dental pain because a dental emergency can cause damage, so call us as soon as you can. Kimberly Smiles can service you when you are having dental pain or have a dental emergency with our same day dentist appointments. Go ahead and contact Kimberly Smiles today. Don’t let your dental emergency go without getting treated. Here is the number to dial: (773) 773-4716.  Don’t let your dental pain get to overwhelming, so come see us for help!

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