How Does Tartar Build Up Faster in Some Patients?

The Wicker Park Dentist has cleaned teeth for Chicagoans for many years. Some patients have a need to have their teeth cleaned more than twice a year; howeve, due to tartar buildup. Tartar comes mainly from plaque that has been on the teeth usually due to inadequate brushing and flossing. Even the most diligent patient has other factors that will cause tartar to build up faster than in most people.

Tartar and Its Effects

Tartar is made when plaque that forms on the teeth isn’t removed and it hardens. What is ironic is that the presence of tartar may actually be indicative in some cases as having a greater resistance to tooth decay. Another reason that someone has tartar build up is that the presence of fluoride from food products and oral care products in the saliva makes it easier for it to form. Also some people have a different amount of urea in their saliva which can contribute to the more rapid formation of tartar than others experience.

Just because the patient who experiences this build up might have a greater resistance to tooth decay they can’t leave the tartar there. It doesn’t just stay there as a sort of protective shield. Tartar can get under the gum line and help bacteria attack the gums causing an infection. This infection is called gingivitis and it could develop into the much more potent infection known as periodontitis which can damage teeth and bone below the gums. Tartar removal can be accomplished even below the gum line at the Chicago Area Dentist.

Whether you have a tendency for fast tartar build up or just want to have a regular cleaning of plaque to reduce the chance of developing tartar, contact the Kimberly Smiles Cosmetic and General Dentistry office for an appointment. The quicker you act the better off both your teeth and gums will be.