Avoid the Natural Teeth Whitening Strategy

As the ADA will tell you the number one thing most Americans want is whiter teeth courtesy of a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The ADA has approved some whitening agents but there have been some stories circulating around about “natural ways” to achieve whiter teeth. The ADA does not think much of these and here are some substances they believe have no merit.

Natural Substances that Are Supposed to Whiten Teeth

Baking soda has been bandied about for years as has acidic fruits like oranges and lemons. These items can cause abrasions on your teeth and injure them – not whiten them. Another use of baking soda in association with hydrogen peroxide has been used but again too abrasive. Activated charcoal has even been used as a scrub it seems to work about as good as baking soda as in not very so please avoid this one too.

Other ones like those two seeming panaceas for everything that ails you – turmeric and coconut oil – aren’t as harmful but not effective either. There are better ways to whiten teeth and with the help of the teeth whitening dentist in Wicker Park you can achieve whiter teeth and leave them in good healthy shape at the same time. Dr. Anast can fit you with plastic trays to take home and you can use them to apply a whitening agent to your teeth. They can also give you a good cleaning and place the whitening agent on your teeth at the office and use a laser to help speed the process along.

All with no damage to your teeth or soreness that sometimes is felt by your gums. If you like many others wants those whiter teeth contact the Kimberly Smiles Cosmetic and General Dentistry office for an evaluation. This is one job that needs to be done by a professional.