Teeth Straightening May Not Have to Involve Braces

Parents and teens alike have their reservations about braces for straightening teeth. The embarrassment factor is usually an underlying problem. Also, the amount of time that this process takes is daunting and, given the nature of having metal in your mouth for a long time, braces aren’t always a very appealing prospect. Braces being used by a teen heavily involved in sports, especially contact sports like football and basketball, is another concern that leads parents and teens to agree in not going ahead with the process.

When Braces Are Not the Only Answer

There is another way to realign teeth so that they not only look straighter, but they are easier to care for. The Invisalign® method uses clear aligners that are placed on the teeth and nearly impossible to see. They have been used with both young teens and also adults who were never happy they didn’t opt for braces when they were younger.

The aligners will be fitted by our Wicker Park dentist by taking a mold of the teeth in order to create the clear aligners that the teeth and move the teeth closer to where they should be. Every two weeks or so new aligners will be made to attach to the teeth that have moved and be further moved to their optimum position.

The process, unlike braces, may take less time depending on the amount of movement required. They can be removed for sports and cleaning. The underlying teeth will also be able to be cleaned and flossed preventing tooth decay that may occur with regular braces. They are much safer than braces and less likely to injure the mouth if there is any type of accident like a slip or fall.

If this seems like something that appeals to you or your teen, contact the team at Kimberly Smiles and let’s discuss it. You will be very happy with the results and the way those teeth will look.