Same Day Dental Care Has its Place in the Community

Any Chicago area dentist knows that the world is far from perfect and that can sometimes lead to emergencies. And even in the cases on non-emergencies, there are other less dire problems still may require same day dental care. The patient should always contact the office whenever one of the following problems arises.

What Constitutes an Emergency?

A tooth that hurts and shows swelling in the gum that might indicate an abscess is forming.

Bleeding from the gums, tongue, or lips from a mouth injury.

A cracked or lost tooth.

Something caught between the teeth that can’t be removed.

Any of these situations is worth a call to the Wicker Park Dentist’s office. In the first case, the abscess could lead to a more serious infection, so it will require immediate attention. The bleeding from the gums, tongue, or lip also may lead to infection without proper care. If it is after hours, an emergency room at the hospital should be visited.

Cracked or lost teeth should be seen as soon as possible too. The lost tooth should be wrapped in a damp cloth. The patient can also attempt to put it back in the socket to preserve the tooth until the dentist is seen. If a sharp object has become lodged between teeth carefully use floss, but only floss to dislodge it.

Other Same Day Procedures

  • Replacing a crown that has fallen off
  • Making a new tooth or bridge for missing teeth
  • Dentures in a day

All of these can be accomplished in a single day for the patients at the Wicker Park Chicago Dentist. Please contact the office whenever an emergency or even a less serious but still hurtful event has occurred. Visit with Dr. Anast and discuss the same day dentistry options that you can receive immediately or by later appointment.