Root Canal-Therapy for Your Tooth

The words “root canal” usually don’t make people happy at the Wicker Park Chicago Dentist. That may be in part to how it has been described to them by others in the past. There are certain ways to look at root canal treatment that can allay the fears of our patients – the best thing that can be said is that it is going to save a tooth. That is the goal of all root canal therapy, repairing a tooth and making it fully functional for years to come.

Root Canal Indications

The main indication that a patient needs root canal is the pain in the tooth. There is a lot of pain because the root canal is a space inside the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. The nerves from the cavity that come into contact with food particles as well as hot and cold drinks are there to let you know something is wrong.

The area containing the canal – the pulp – is the softest of the three substances that make up the tooth and, if the cavity has gotten this far, the discomfort will increase. The other indications that this procedure needs to be done are swelling and possibly an abscess may develop and be seen on the gum near the affected tooth.

The procedure will be to eliminate the damaged enamel and dentin that rests above the pulp and then to get into the canal and remove the pulp. Then the area will be rinsed out and a cap will be placed on the tooth.

A second visit will be needed to fill the tooth permanently and possibly fit the tooth for a crown. It literally is therapy for the tooth because once it is fitted with a permanent filling or a crown the pain will disappear and the tooth will perform as if nothing had happened.

This procedure is available at the Bucktown Dentist for any patient that has had a cavity or injury lead to an infected root canal. Please call the office and start on the road to a pain free fully functioning tooth today.