Invisalign and the Competition

There have been advancements in orthodontics – the branch of dentistry that works improves the alignment of teeth in the last twenty years. Improperly aligned teeth are seen many times at the Wicker Park Cosmetic Dentist office. The use of metal braces is still available and may be the best realignment solution for certain patients, but there are also alternatives that have come along mostly in response to the metal braces being a source of embarrassment to the wearer.

Alternatives to Traditional Braces

One of the first changes made to braces was to offer them in ceramic form. These braces are more costly than metal braces but may also break in spots because the ceramic material isn’t as strong as metal. Treatment length is also longer with this option and because they are larger in size they may damage other teeth if they come in contact with them.

The latest solution to realign teeth is to use a number of clear braces over the course of a year or more. Invisalign® was the first to offer this alternative in the late nineties. Since then there have been other companies including Clear Correct founded in 2006 that follow the same approach. Some are even offered by mail order, but consultation with a professional is always superior to that option.

Are Clear Correct and Invisalign the Same?

Both offer clear retainers that move the teeth into realignment over a fairly long time, usually a year to two years. Invisalign trains their dentists and creates the treatment plan along with these professionals. Clear Correct doesn’t offer any training to their dentists. Invisalign also offers the addition of Smart Force attachments to some cases which will attach the aligners to other teeth and gain more pressure which will align the teeth better.

The Wicker Park Cosmetic and General Dentistry has received training and has had many satisfied patients using Invisalign®. If you are considering braces for yourself or teen contact the office today for an evaluation to see if this is your best option.