Gum Contouring May Reveal a Better Smile

The Bucktown Chicago Dentist has performed many procedures on their patients’ teeth to improve their smile. From whitening to tooth implantation to placing veneers on discolored teeth, we have made sure our patients have left the office with a much better sense of confidence in their appearance. Cosmetic Dentistry sometimes can improve a smile by adjusting the patient’s gum line instead of working on teeth.

Gum Contouring Surgery

There are a few conditions that are improved by gum contouring surgery. Treating what is called a “gummy smile” which is usually due to the teeth not protruding far enough from the gums and making them look small. Other problems that lead to the opposite effect of showing too much teeth due to receding gums would make increasing the amount of gum tissue the preferred option offered by gum contouring surgery. This recession may have been caused by periodontal disease.

Improving a Gummy Smile

The cosmetic dentist can make the teeth look larger and more natural by reducing the amount of gum tissue by exposing more of the teeth that have not grown out far from the gum line. There are other procedures that can achieve this as well. Adding veneers to smaller teeth may help the gums look less obvious. Sometimes, a tooth that has been fractured requires the removing of some gum in order to repair the tooth. A new crown will be placed on this tooth to make for a more natural look when this procedure is completed.

The Kimberly Smiles Cosmetic Dentist in Wicker Park will carefully explain all the details involving gum line lift surgery if you have a gummy smile. There are many happy patients that are glad they took that first step by investigating what it will take to improve their gummy smile so please call and set up an appointment today.