The Newest Dentures Are Here

The first dentures were not made in the 1800s, as some may guess. Archaeologists found dentures going back as far as the Ancient Etruscan civilization in 700 BC. They were made of animal and human teeth and this type of dentures lasted until the 1800s.

The use of porcelain teeth set in vulcanite – a rubber compound – can be seen as the real start to the path that dentures are on today. Missing teeth due to decay, accidents, and medical conditions can all be replaced by dentures. The use of implants is growing but sometimes a patient’s particular problem will preclude using this method of tooth replacement.

Getting Dentures Can Involve Some Time

The usual process for getting dentures, either partial or full ones, requires molds to be taken of the mouth. The mold is used to make a wax model to which teeth are added. The model is placed in the mouth to measure if the teeth fit right and to gauge the proper size of the plate needed to hold the teeth in their optimum position. The measurements are sent to a dental lab and when the dentures are made. The dentist will then check them for fit and the patient will have a new set of teeth in a month or more.

A New Way-Dentures in a Day

Thanks to 3D photography technology and CAD/CAM computer programs, this process has been shortened. The Wicker Park Chicago dentist has the technology available to supply partial dentures, crowns, and other restorations in a single day.

Similar to the older process of the wax model being taken, the 3D camera takes a photo of the area being restored. It is refined, not by placing a wax model in your mouth but by the computer software designed to send information to the machine that will carve the new teeth from a ceramic block. They can be used that day and with great success.

If you have been told you need dentures, please call the Chicago Dentist for an appointment to have this possibly be taken care of in one day.