Dental Implants to Replace Multiple Teeth

Many patients that have lost a tooth to an injury have opted to get a dental implant. This is a crown attached to a piece of metal placed by the Wicker Park Dental implant dentist into the jawbone of the patient. This tooth is made of ceramic or a resin that looks like any other tooth in the patient’s mouth. They last a very long time.

That is why they are also used if there are a number of teeth missing in a row. One approach to having multiple implants involve having two implants on either side of the missing teeth space and use them as anchors for a permanent bridge.

Partial Bridges and Implants

Partial bridge implants are the same as regular implants. They are pieces of metal usually titanium, placed into the jawbone and allowed to set until the metal fuses with the bone. It takes many months for this to occur. Then the patient will have a permanent crown attached to each implant and they will anchor a partial bridge with other crowns attached over the area in between the two implants. This may be better for a number of reasons.

A regular bridge that is attached to permanent teeth requires the permanent teeth to be shaved down to make them accept the metal attachments required to hold the removable bridge. Besides compromising healthy teeth, this type of bridge may slip while the wearer is talking or chewing. That doesn’t happen with the permanently anchored bridge using implants.

Dr. Paul Anast at Kimberly Smiles Cosmetic and General Dentistry will discuss these options with you if you have lost a single tooth or a number of teeth that can be corrected by dental implants. Please call the office and schedule an appointment today.