A Dental Bridge in One Visit

A patient needing a dental crown placed on a damaged tooth or one who needs to have a bridge constructed may anticipate waiting a while to have their procedure completed. A crown is a porcelain cap that can be cemented onto a tooth that has been given root canal treatment or just had a deep cavity. A bridge is a way to replace one or more teeth that have been extracted or lost due to an accident or cavities.

Options for a Bridge

A lost tooth can be replaced by an implant which is a metal post fused with the underlying bone that has a crown attached to it. If that isn’t feasible, a replacement tooth can be manufactured and attached by metal fasteners to the teeth on either side of it.

Multiple teeth can also be replaced this way with crowns attached to new teeth implants on either side of the open area. Having a bridge created and put in place used to be a process that took weeks to finish. However, with new technology, single and multiple tooth replacement using crowns can be accomplished in far less time.

These procedures can be accomplished in one day at the Bucktown Chicago Dentist thanks to their CEREC system. Instead of taking impressions that are sent out to a lab the replacement teeth are designed with the help of three D photographs and CAD/CAM technology in the office and can be placed into use that very day. The system creates the crowns to the necessary specifications using the 3 D photographs to approximate the shape of the restoration. Then the CAD/CAM refines the model and the crowns are carved out of porcelain by a machine right in the office.

The Wicker Park Dentist should be contacted if you have been considering replacing teeth or having new crowns placed over older, damaged teeth. Just call the office and you could be leaving with your new teeth the day of your first appointment.