The Minimal Approach to Improving Your Teeth

Most people that want to improve their smile will come to the cosmetic dentist in Wicker Park with no firm idea on what is available and what may be best for their particular needs. In the case of patients with teeth that are crooked, have spaces, or are misaligned; straightening their teeth with Invisalign® or braces can be considered. If that will take too long for their purposes, the use of veneers may be what they will prefer. Veneers are a much more minimalist approach but they still provide long lasting results.

The Indications for Veneers

Veneers are ceramic coverings that can be affixed to teeth and give them a whiter and straighter look. They are made from a mold of your teeth taken by the Wicker Park dentist and they will be permanently attached to the teeth with a bonding agent. The veneers will require that the teeth being worked on will be smoothed down by removing some enamel. This may make it a problem for some patients that have too little enamel on their teeth so another process will have to be considered.

A crooked tooth, or a couple of teeth, in need of having a space closed or realigned are all indications for getting veneers. They will greatly improve the patients smile and increase their confidence in social situations. They are less expensive than a tooth implant or getting a crown, so if there is enough tooth available, they can be used to repair a tooth with a fracture as well.

Caring for Veneers

Veneers being made from ceramics look just like teeth, but that also means that they can be stained like teeth. Avoiding drinking a lot of coffee and tea will help the veneer wearer keep their new smile looking great for years to come. Dr. Anast will be glad to discuss veneers and other options for ways to improve your smile and self-confidence. Contact our office today and set an appointment to get your smile back.