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If you’re looking for a root canal or endodontist, then contact Kimberly Smiles today! We help residents throughout Chicago with their root canal procedures. If you are suffering from root canal pain then you have found the right place. If you think you may need an endodontist to give you a root canal these are some symptoms that might be occurring, infection, injury or swelling of the tooth and sensitivity to temperature or pain in the tooth and gums. So if you have any of these symptoms give Kimberly Smiles a call and our root canal dentist can take away your pain. Additionally, there are other reasons you may need a root canal like, pain, abscess, deep decay, trauma, or fracture and repeated dental procedures. That’s why when the residents from Bucktown feel they may need a root canal they contact our root canal dentist right away and we take care of them!

Bucktown Root Canals

Here at Kimberly Smiles we supply our root canal clients from Bucktown with the treatment needed to take care of their tooth discomfort. Bucktown has become a popular and lively neighborhood. With the population growing in Bucktown many of the residents reach out to Kimberly Smiles for all their root canal needs, especially if they need an emergency root canal. They contact us because they know we have the best root canal dentist in town. They also place their trust in us because we have proven that our emergency root canal procedures are done with the most upmost care.

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After the root canal procedure is completed your tooth may feel sensitive for a few days but that is minor. If you could avoid chewing on the root canal tooth until you have full restoration back that will be helpful. We understand at Kimberly Smiles that root canal therapy can preserve a patient’s tooth for the rest of their life. The root canal procedure is very successful with more than a 95% success rate! To learn more information about our root canal procedures, give our root canal dentist a call at Kimberly Smiles. Here is the following number to call: (773) 773-4716!

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