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Kimberly Smiles is known for comforting, modern and inviting atmosphere created precisely towards their client’s needs. Kimberly Smiles believes that quality dental care is not an accident and is a result of purposeful direction, sincere intentions and diligent effort. We combine those qualities with our highly trained and professional team that uses only the most modern and up to date technology, equipment and material for our client’s dental implant desires. Here at Kimberly Smiles we are committed in providing you with only the best in dental implants, using the most state of art technology and equipment. Our well educated team can make your smile beautiful again with our dental implants, which resemble the look of natural teeth. There are several advantages of having dental implants like, improved speech, improved comfort, improved oral health, durability and its overall easier to eat what you like. Kimberly Smiles will discuss all your dental implant options to help you make the most informed decision. Our clients from Bucktown have been highly satisfied with their dental implants and have recommend us too many others!

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Here at Kimberly Smiles we supply our dental implant clients from Bucktown with the most natural looking smile and they love it! Bucktown, became part of Chicago in 1837 and since then has undergone several changes that has made it a popular and lively neighborhood. The Wicker brothers bought over 80 acres of land so they could construct a drainage system and build streets. What they also did was donate 4 acres to the city as a Chicago public park. The city then placed a lake in the middle and added landscaping and called it Wicker Park. Many residents of Bucktown built homes around the park making it very serene and a lovely residential place to raise a family. With the population growing in Bucktown many of the residents are in need of dental implants and seek out the professionals at Kimberley Smiles. They place their trust in us because we have proven that our dental implants are the most natural, comfortable and appealing.

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Our highly trained team at Kimberly Smiles will sit down with our clientele and discuss the best plan for their dental implants. This will allow our clients for a very relaxed and comfortable experience, making them feel at ease. Our top priority is to make sure our clients are very prepared knowing that there in the best hands at Kimberley smiles and that we will make sure their dental implants are exactly what they want, all while being comfortable. Dental implants have the same dependable foundation as natural tooth roots and with placed dental implants you will no longer have to feel discomfort while chewing, speaking or eating. Dental implants look just like natural teeth and can completely change your smile, attitude and confidence. Kimberly Smiles is fully committed in making sure your smile is healthy and beautiful. Please reach out to us today and speak with one of our professionals at (773) 773-4716. Hope to hear from you really soon!

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