How Does Tartar Build Up Faster in Some Patients?

The Wicker Park Dentist has cleaned teeth for Chicagoans for many years. Some patients have a need to have their teeth cleaned more than twice a year; howeve, due to tartar buildup. Tartar comes mainly from plaque that has been on the teeth usually due to inadequate brushing and flossing. Even the most diligent patient has other factors that will cause tartar to build up faster than in most people.

Tartar and Its Effects

Tartar is made when plaque that forms on the teeth isn’t removed and it hardens. What is ironic is that the presence of tartar may actually be indicative in some cases as having a greater resistance to tooth decay. Another reason that someone has tartar build up is that the presence of fluoride from food products and oral care products in the saliva makes it easier for it to form. Also some people have a different amount of urea in their saliva which can contribute to the more rapid formation of tartar than others experience.

Just because the patient who experiences this build up might have a greater resistance to tooth decay they can’t leave the tartar there. It doesn’t just stay there as a sort of protective shield. Tartar can get under the gum line and help bacteria attack the gums causing an infection. This infection is called gingivitis and it could develop into the much more potent infection known as periodontitis which can damage teeth and bone below the gums. Tartar removal can be accomplished even below the gum line at the Chicago Area Dentist.

Whether you have a tendency for fast tartar build up or just want to have a regular cleaning of plaque to reduce the chance of developing tartar, contact the Kimberly Smiles Cosmetic and General Dentistry office for an appointment. The quicker you act the better off both your teeth and gums will be.

Avoid the Natural Teeth Whitening Strategy

As the ADA will tell you the number one thing most Americans want is whiter teeth courtesy of a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The ADA has approved some whitening agents but there have been some stories circulating around about “natural ways” to achieve whiter teeth. The ADA does not think much of these and here are some substances they believe have no merit.

Natural Substances that Are Supposed to Whiten Teeth

Baking soda has been bandied about for years as has acidic fruits like oranges and lemons. These items can cause abrasions on your teeth and injure them – not whiten them. Another use of baking soda in association with hydrogen peroxide has been used but again too abrasive. Activated charcoal has even been used as a scrub it seems to work about as good as baking soda as in not very so please avoid this one too.

Other ones like those two seeming panaceas for everything that ails you – turmeric and coconut oil – aren’t as harmful but not effective either. There are better ways to whiten teeth and with the help of the teeth whitening dentist in Wicker Park you can achieve whiter teeth and leave them in good healthy shape at the same time. Dr. Anast can fit you with plastic trays to take home and you can use them to apply a whitening agent to your teeth. They can also give you a good cleaning and place the whitening agent on your teeth at the office and use a laser to help speed the process along.

All with no damage to your teeth or soreness that sometimes is felt by your gums. If you like many others wants those whiter teeth contact the Kimberly Smiles Cosmetic and General Dentistry office for an evaluation. This is one job that needs to be done by a professional.

Teeth Straightening May Not Have to Involve Braces

Parents and teens alike have their reservations about braces for straightening teeth. The embarrassment factor is usually an underlying problem. Also, the amount of time that this process takes is daunting and, given the nature of having metal in your mouth for a long time, braces aren’t always a very appealing prospect. Braces being used by a teen heavily involved in sports, especially contact sports like football and basketball, is another concern that leads parents and teens to agree in not going ahead with the process.

When Braces Are Not the Only Answer

There is another way to realign teeth so that they not only look straighter, but they are easier to care for. The Invisalign® method uses clear aligners that are placed on the teeth and nearly impossible to see. They have been used with both young teens and also adults who were never happy they didn’t opt for braces when they were younger.

The aligners will be fitted by our Wicker Park dentist by taking a mold of the teeth in order to create the clear aligners that the teeth and move the teeth closer to where they should be. Every two weeks or so new aligners will be made to attach to the teeth that have moved and be further moved to their optimum position.

The process, unlike braces, may take less time depending on the amount of movement required. They can be removed for sports and cleaning. The underlying teeth will also be able to be cleaned and flossed preventing tooth decay that may occur with regular braces. They are much safer than braces and less likely to injure the mouth if there is any type of accident like a slip or fall.

If this seems like something that appeals to you or your teen, contact the team at Kimberly Smiles and let’s discuss it. You will be very happy with the results and the way those teeth will look.

Same Day Dental Care Has its Place in the Community

Any Chicago area dentist knows that the world is far from perfect and that can sometimes lead to emergencies. And even in the cases on non-emergencies, there are other less dire problems still may require same day dental care. The patient should always contact the office whenever one of the following problems arises.

What Constitutes an Emergency?

A tooth that hurts and shows swelling in the gum that might indicate an abscess is forming.

Bleeding from the gums, tongue, or lips from a mouth injury.

A cracked or lost tooth.

Something caught between the teeth that can’t be removed.

Any of these situations is worth a call to the Wicker Park Dentist’s office. In the first case, the abscess could lead to a more serious infection, so it will require immediate attention. The bleeding from the gums, tongue, or lip also may lead to infection without proper care. If it is after hours, an emergency room at the hospital should be visited.

Cracked or lost teeth should be seen as soon as possible too. The lost tooth should be wrapped in a damp cloth. The patient can also attempt to put it back in the socket to preserve the tooth until the dentist is seen. If a sharp object has become lodged between teeth carefully use floss, but only floss to dislodge it.

Other Same Day Procedures

  • Replacing a crown that has fallen off
  • Making a new tooth or bridge for missing teeth
  • Dentures in a day

All of these can be accomplished in a single day for the patients at the Wicker Park Chicago Dentist. Please contact the office whenever an emergency or even a less serious but still hurtful event has occurred. Visit with Dr. Anast and discuss the same day dentistry options that you can receive immediately or by later appointment.

Root Canal-Therapy for Your Tooth

The words “root canal” usually don’t make people happy at the Wicker Park Chicago Dentist. That may be in part to how it has been described to them by others in the past. There are certain ways to look at root canal treatment that can allay the fears of our patients – the best thing that can be said is that it is going to save a tooth. That is the goal of all root canal therapy, repairing a tooth and making it fully functional for years to come.

Root Canal Indications

The main indication that a patient needs root canal is the pain in the tooth. There is a lot of pain because the root canal is a space inside the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. The nerves from the cavity that come into contact with food particles as well as hot and cold drinks are there to let you know something is wrong.

The area containing the canal – the pulp – is the softest of the three substances that make up the tooth and, if the cavity has gotten this far, the discomfort will increase. The other indications that this procedure needs to be done are swelling and possibly an abscess may develop and be seen on the gum near the affected tooth.

The procedure will be to eliminate the damaged enamel and dentin that rests above the pulp and then to get into the canal and remove the pulp. Then the area will be rinsed out and a cap will be placed on the tooth.

A second visit will be needed to fill the tooth permanently and possibly fit the tooth for a crown. It literally is therapy for the tooth because once it is fitted with a permanent filling or a crown the pain will disappear and the tooth will perform as if nothing had happened.

This procedure is available at the Bucktown Dentist for any patient that has had a cavity or injury lead to an infected root canal. Please call the office and start on the road to a pain free fully functioning tooth today.

Invisalign and the Competition

There have been advancements in orthodontics – the branch of dentistry that works improves the alignment of teeth in the last twenty years. Improperly aligned teeth are seen many times at the Wicker Park Cosmetic Dentist office. The use of metal braces is still available and may be the best realignment solution for certain patients, but there are also alternatives that have come along mostly in response to the metal braces being a source of embarrassment to the wearer.

Alternatives to Traditional Braces

One of the first changes made to braces was to offer them in ceramic form. These braces are more costly than metal braces but may also break in spots because the ceramic material isn’t as strong as metal. Treatment length is also longer with this option and because they are larger in size they may damage other teeth if they come in contact with them.

The latest solution to realign teeth is to use a number of clear braces over the course of a year or more. Invisalign® was the first to offer this alternative in the late nineties. Since then there have been other companies including Clear Correct founded in 2006 that follow the same approach. Some are even offered by mail order, but consultation with a professional is always superior to that option.

Are Clear Correct and Invisalign the Same?

Both offer clear retainers that move the teeth into realignment over a fairly long time, usually a year to two years. Invisalign trains their dentists and creates the treatment plan along with these professionals. Clear Correct doesn’t offer any training to their dentists. Invisalign also offers the addition of Smart Force attachments to some cases which will attach the aligners to other teeth and gain more pressure which will align the teeth better.

The Wicker Park Cosmetic and General Dentistry has received training and has had many satisfied patients using Invisalign®. If you are considering braces for yourself or teen contact the office today for an evaluation to see if this is your best option.

Gum Contouring May Reveal a Better Smile

The Bucktown Chicago Dentist has performed many procedures on their patients’ teeth to improve their smile. From whitening to tooth implantation to placing veneers on discolored teeth, we have made sure our patients have left the office with a much better sense of confidence in their appearance. Cosmetic Dentistry sometimes can improve a smile by adjusting the patient’s gum line instead of working on teeth.

Gum Contouring Surgery

There are a few conditions that are improved by gum contouring surgery. Treating what is called a “gummy smile” which is usually due to the teeth not protruding far enough from the gums and making them look small. Other problems that lead to the opposite effect of showing too much teeth due to receding gums would make increasing the amount of gum tissue the preferred option offered by gum contouring surgery. This recession may have been caused by periodontal disease.

Improving a Gummy Smile

The cosmetic dentist can make the teeth look larger and more natural by reducing the amount of gum tissue by exposing more of the teeth that have not grown out far from the gum line. There are other procedures that can achieve this as well. Adding veneers to smaller teeth may help the gums look less obvious. Sometimes, a tooth that has been fractured requires the removing of some gum in order to repair the tooth. A new crown will be placed on this tooth to make for a more natural look when this procedure is completed.

The Kimberly Smiles Cosmetic Dentist in Wicker Park will carefully explain all the details involving gum line lift surgery if you have a gummy smile. There are many happy patients that are glad they took that first step by investigating what it will take to improve their gummy smile so please call and set up an appointment today.

The Dentist with Great Reviews Does One Thing Above the Rest

When it comes to needing a new dentist, you may talk to friends and ask who they go to. Invariably, they will tell you that the dentist they use is most likely the one they are the most comfortable with. Now, comfort in most cases when it comes to dentist reviews means that the dentist made them feel comfortable in an emotional way, not that they had the most comfortable chair to sit in.

Comfort at the dentist begins with the patient. There are some challenges a dentist might meet in helping the patient feel comfortable, especially if the patient is there for an emergency due to feeling pain. Less urgent problems though can also bring a certain amount of anxiety that the dentist has to aid the patient in overcoming.

The Best Ways to Reassure the Patient in the Dentist’s Office.

Both new patients and returning ones will be more relaxed if the staff is friendly and attentive to their needs. A clean office and a friendly atmosphere are very important to the patient’s first impression of the dentist. The dentist can build on that first impression by communicating well and being at ease during their interaction with the patient. These traits have been listed as being the two most important personality traits that dentists need to help patients relax during their visit.

It can be seen that the importance of these two traits is supported by reviews of the Wicker Park General Dentist placed on Yelp. The communication that starts in our reception area and is continued by Dr. Anast at Kimberly Smiles is what all our patients – new and returning – can expect. That is how the nerves can be soothed and the important work on your teeth can be accomplished in a supportive and professional manner.

Contact our office and see for yourself how comfortable your next trip to the dentist can be.

The Newest Dentures Are Here

The first dentures were not made in the 1800s, as some may guess. Archaeologists found dentures going back as far as the Ancient Etruscan civilization in 700 BC. They were made of animal and human teeth and this type of dentures lasted until the 1800s.

The use of porcelain teeth set in vulcanite – a rubber compound – can be seen as the real start to the path that dentures are on today. Missing teeth due to decay, accidents, and medical conditions can all be replaced by dentures. The use of implants is growing but sometimes a patient’s particular problem will preclude using this method of tooth replacement.

Getting Dentures Can Involve Some Time

The usual process for getting dentures, either partial or full ones, requires molds to be taken of the mouth. The mold is used to make a wax model to which teeth are added. The model is placed in the mouth to measure if the teeth fit right and to gauge the proper size of the plate needed to hold the teeth in their optimum position. The measurements are sent to a dental lab and when the dentures are made. The dentist will then check them for fit and the patient will have a new set of teeth in a month or more.

A New Way-Dentures in a Day

Thanks to 3D photography technology and CAD/CAM computer programs, this process has been shortened. The Wicker Park Chicago dentist has the technology available to supply partial dentures, crowns, and other restorations in a single day.

Similar to the older process of the wax model being taken, the 3D camera takes a photo of the area being restored. It is refined, not by placing a wax model in your mouth but by the computer software designed to send information to the machine that will carve the new teeth from a ceramic block. They can be used that day and with great success.

If you have been told you need dentures, please call the Chicago Dentist for an appointment to have this possibly be taken care of in one day.

Personality and Atmosphere Are Important to Dental Patients

There are many ways to analyze what makes a person top in their field. There are certain parameters such as having a wealth of knowledge or always treating a person fairly that can be high on the list; however, most people won’t care about things like personality when it comes to getting the best medical care. At the Wicker Park Dentist, our dentist doesn’t make you choose between personality and top quality dental care.

Personality and Its Role in Rating the Top Dentists

When it comes to who is thought of as one of the top dentists in the Chicago area, the personality trait that seems the most popular is the ease of communication between the patient and dentist. This is not surprising when you think about the nature of the dentist/patient relationship. These two individuals are dealing with procedures that call for close interaction of a personal nature. Whether it is a checkup or a longer procedure like a root canal, dentists and their patients will be in close contact with each other until completion.

Carefully explaining any procedure you may need has always been one of the highest priorities for Dr. Anast as it is with many other top rated dentists. Just like the Dr. Anast, our staff will openly discuss all of your questions and concerns. This professional yet friendly atmosphere maintained by the staff is another helpful way to ease the normal nervousness associated with dental procedures and has been a source of many compliments from patients in the past.

The Wicker Park Dentist will always provide the most helpful information and service available in the Chicago area. Please contact the office for an appointment if you feel you aren’t receiving enough personal attention for your dental needs.