60639 Dentist

60639 Dentist

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Kimberly Smile’s dental office provides customers with comfort and calmness just like you were at home. Our very trained and specialized dentist Dr. Paul Anast and his extraordinary team have worked hard to give our patients a safe atmosphere. Also, we provide them with the most modern of technology and materials. That’s just a few reasons why Kimberly Smile’s dental clinic is selected to bring our clients the best in dental care from general dentistry and far more. Kimberly Smiles will do all we can to make a dental plan for any of your dental needs and we will make sure it’s a plan that will fit within your budget. We are certain that is why our patients from 60639 recognize that we are the utmost dentist office in the state and are recommended to their closest friends!

60639 Dentist Office

With many people living near 60639 means a great number of them looking for a good quality dentist office. Here at Kimberly Smiles we are ready and waiting to provide them a safe and high quality dental clinic for there general dentistry requirements. Kimberly Smiles is recognized throughout the 60639 area for our expert and professional dentist staff and the soothing environment we provide. The residents from 60639 look to us for their general dentistry needs because we are the front-runners in the dental field and love what we do!

60639 Dental Office

Our dental clinic makes it very simple and convenient for our clients to make an appointment because we open our doors very early and stay open throughout the evening, even on Saturdays! We also make same day appointments at Kimberly Smiles so you can have the option of not having to come back for numerous visits. Furthermore, we listen to all your dental wishes so we can develop the best plan available for your general dentistry needs. Kimberly Smiles dental office is devoted to take care of your smile, so please don’t hesitate and give us a call. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our dental office. Here is the number to dial for the finest dentist around town: (773) 773-4716!

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