The Dentist with Great Reviews Does One Thing Above the Rest

When it comes to needing a new dentist, you may talk to friends and ask who they go to. Invariably, they will tell you that the dentist they use is most likely the one they are the most comfortable with. Now, comfort in most cases when it comes to dentist reviews means that the dentist made them feel comfortable in an emotional way, not that they had the most comfortable chair to sit in.

Comfort at the dentist begins with the patient. There are some challenges a dentist might meet in helping the patient feel comfortable, especially if the patient is there for an emergency due to feeling pain. Less urgent problems though can also bring a certain amount of anxiety that the dentist has to aid the patient in overcoming.

The Best Ways to Reassure the Patient in the Dentist’s Office.

Both new patients and returning ones will be more relaxed if the staff is friendly and attentive to their needs. A clean office and a friendly atmosphere are very important to the patient’s first impression of the dentist. The dentist can build on that first impression by communicating well and being at ease during their interaction with the patient. These traits have been listed as being the two most important personality traits that dentists need to help patients relax during their visit.

It can be seen that the importance of these two traits is supported by reviews of the Wicker Park General Dentist placed on Yelp. The communication that starts in our reception area and is continued by Dr. Anast at Kimberly Smiles is what all our patients – new and returning – can expect. That is how the nerves can be soothed and the important work on your teeth can be accomplished in a supportive and professional manner.

Contact our office and see for yourself how comfortable your next trip to the dentist can be.

The Newest Dentures Are Here

The first dentures were not made in the 1800s, as some may guess. Archaeologists found dentures going back as far as the Ancient Etruscan civilization in 700 BC. They were made of animal and human teeth and this type of dentures lasted until the 1800s.

The use of porcelain teeth set in vulcanite – a rubber compound – can be seen as the real start to the path that dentures are on today. Missing teeth due to decay, accidents, and medical conditions can all be replaced by dentures. The use of implants is growing but sometimes a patient’s particular problem will preclude using this method of tooth replacement.

Getting Dentures Can Involve Some Time

The usual process for getting dentures, either partial or full ones, requires molds to be taken of the mouth. The mold is used to make a wax model to which teeth are added. The model is placed in the mouth to measure if the teeth fit right and to gauge the proper size of the plate needed to hold the teeth in their optimum position. The measurements are sent to a dental lab and when the dentures are made. The dentist will then check them for fit and the patient will have a new set of teeth in a month or more.

A New Way-Dentures in a Day

Thanks to 3D photography technology and CAD/CAM computer programs, this process has been shortened. The Wicker Park Chicago dentist has the technology available to supply partial dentures, crowns, and other restorations in a single day.

Similar to the older process of the wax model being taken, the 3D camera takes a photo of the area being restored. It is refined, not by placing a wax model in your mouth but by the computer software designed to send information to the machine that will carve the new teeth from a ceramic block. They can be used that day and with great success.

If you have been told you need dentures, please call the Chicago Dentist for an appointment to have this possibly be taken care of in one day.

Personality and Atmosphere Are Important to Dental Patients

There are many ways to analyze what makes a person top in their field. There are certain parameters such as having a wealth of knowledge or always treating a person fairly that can be high on the list; however, most people won’t care about things like personality when it comes to getting the best medical care. At the Wicker Park Dentist, our dentist doesn’t make you choose between personality and top quality dental care.

Personality and Its Role in Rating the Top Dentists

When it comes to who is thought of as one of the top dentists in the Chicago area, the personality trait that seems the most popular is the ease of communication between the patient and dentist. This is not surprising when you think about the nature of the dentist/patient relationship. These two individuals are dealing with procedures that call for close interaction of a personal nature. Whether it is a checkup or a longer procedure like a root canal, dentists and their patients will be in close contact with each other until completion.

Carefully explaining any procedure you may need has always been one of the highest priorities for Dr. Anast as it is with many other top rated dentists. Just like the Dr. Anast, our staff will openly discuss all of your questions and concerns. This professional yet friendly atmosphere maintained by the staff is another helpful way to ease the normal nervousness associated with dental procedures and has been a source of many compliments from patients in the past.

The Wicker Park Dentist will always provide the most helpful information and service available in the Chicago area. Please contact the office for an appointment if you feel you aren’t receiving enough personal attention for your dental needs.

How Should a Dental Office Perform?

The prospect of visiting a dental office, whether it’s the first time or the one hundredth, does make some people nervous – mostly due to the uncertainty of what they may be told about the treatment that they will need. However, the anxiety that just about everyone experiences when going to the dentist can be reduced by careful consideration of choosing the right dental office that can meet the needs of you and your family.

What to Look for in a Dental Office

An article in Future of Personal Health came up with five good starting points for choosing the right dental office that include: up to date technology, a friendly staff, and a clean modern office.

Up to Date Technology

The best technology available is what should be at the top of any analyst’s list. The better the technology, the better the dentist will have in finding what is wrong with your teeth and supply you with the best solutions available to combat the problem.

Continuing Education

Improvements in technology make getting a continuous education important too. Having the best equipment is a plus, but the ways these machines can be used to their best advantage may change with new research.

Clean Modern Office

The appearance of the office must speak to the cleanliness of the dentist and their staff. You will probably want to see some attention paid to some warmth in the décor to let you know the staff cares to keep the office from appearing too sterile and possibly too intimidating.

The Wicker Park Dentist’s office has these very qualifications and all your questions about the office can be discussed with Dr. Anast and our team. We want the new patients here to be sure that we are not only up to date with all the new dental procedures but also that we have their comfort and peace of mind as our top consideration.