The Best Uses for a Dental Crown

The normal repair of a tooth with a cavity is to fill it with dental amalgam or a composite resin. There can be teeth that have become too damaged by the cavity or that have cracked and will need another treatment plan. These teeth, along with others, will be better cared for by placing a crown over the tooth to protect it from further damage. A crown is also used to cover a metal post placed in the jaw as part of a tooth implant procedure.

What Is a Crown and What Is It Made Of?

A crown is a cap that can be cemented by the Wicker Park Dentist over a tooth that can be saved because it has enough structure available for this procedure. Crowns can be made of the following materials: Gold, porcelain or ceramic material, and a combination of porcelain applied to a metal base. The crown may also be used to go over stained or discolored teeth unless veneers are a better option.

The oldest and still considered the best option can be the gold crown. It lasts the longest and won’t damage other teeth that come into contact with it. Gold unfortunately doesn’t look at all like a natural tooth so when a crown is needed to repair a more visible tooth than say a molar ceramic crowns are used. These can be purely ceramic or a ceramic cap attached to some metal and cemented in place. The metal may be visible so they are usually placed near the back of the mouth.

The placement of crowns is an important part of the Bucktown area dentist’s practice. They will save a tooth which is the better option than extraction. If you have a problem tooth that you would prefer to keep contact The Kimberly Smiles Cosmetic and General Dentistry office and discuss this option with Dr. Anast.